Eco Friendly

At Sofas International it has always been our goal to make simple, logical decisions that will help reduce our impact on the environment and lead to a more sustainable future. Being a family owned company a lot of decisions we face are similar to ones you would face at home. Like you, when we go shopping we like to know where our ingredients are coming from. As such all our timber is sourced from plantations which are FSC certified to ensure that they meet stringent requirements in terms of forest management and regeneration.

All our foam is CFC free and all off cuts are returned to the manufacturer to be recycled into products such as carpet underlay. Recently, we've even been able to source a foam adhesive which is water based. Little steps like this are being taken when ever they become available to help reduce our impact on the environment.

Minimising our hard rubbish is something we're constantly working towards. Cardboard and plastic waste is separated and recycled.

Where we can we recycle all our remnant fabric. This can take a number of forms and can range from reuse as rags to craft groups collecting it to use. When ever we can find a way to reduce our waste we're only too keen to take it up.

One of the nice things about working here is a lot of these initiatives are driven by people we work with. It's a constant process of improvement and fine tuning.

One of the measures we're proudest of is the support we've been able to offer the Exodus Foundation in Ashfield. At the suggestion of one of the ladies we work with we instituted a weekly collection. The money generated is then used to provide food for people in need. Over the years we've raised a significant amount.